JFK began the Peace Corp. As a Canadian, it was not part of my life experience. When I first started dating my wife at Cornell University, I learned that my brother-in-law had recently returned as a Peace Corp volunteer in Latin America. The experience shaped him, and indirectly me.

Almost 3 years ago, my niece volunteered, hoping to use her spanish language skills in Latin America. Turns out she was assigned to Zambia.  What has amazed me the most during the past 3 years has been her ability to be in touch with family and friends globally.

In fact, this link/blog came onto my radar via a facebook link from my niece to her mother. In his blog post The Real Peace Corp, Michael shares insights which feel familiar to those shared by my niece and her uncle. So, here I share with you.

Amanda will be coming back to CT in a couple of months. I track her postings daily and miss her updates when time or internet access prohibits. I look forward to seeing her and learning about her experiences.

Reflections by a Peace Corp Volunteer

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