Transforming Scientists into Social Media Story Tellers

Blogging has gotten into my blood. The opportunity to communicate science to an interested audience (although small) is exhilarating. But it takes discipline. And it requires effort. For these reasons, I am very proud of the fact that @juliakbird and I have published something almost every working day to for over 2 years. Our twitter handle is @dsmnutrition.

Unfortunately, this blog doesn’t get the same attention. Often I think about posting something but the record speaks for itself. I will write no more. The reality is that posting a blog is somewhat akin to that introductory chemistry course I took eons ago. One has to overcome the Activation Energy (see image below).

What is the catalyst? Today it is the article by Andy Sernovitz entitled “How Dow Chemical made storytellers out of scientists“. He writes about the factors that make scientists ideal for social media – innate curiosity, passion, and expertise.

The ‘piece de resistance’ is the video by @Abby _Klanecky (Abby Klanecky, director of digital and social media at Dow Chemical). The video is not short, it is almost 30 minutes long. If you are a scientist and you have ever wondered about blogging and tweeting, I can tell you it is rewarding.

More importantly, listen and watch the video with @Abby_Klanecky and decide for yourself.



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Personal Blog | Nutrition scientist with broad interests, including social media and the impact of open access journals on science publishing | Self-employed freelancer
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2 Responses to Transforming Scientists into Social Media Story Tellers

  1. Paula E. says:

    Cool video! I recently read about the Nestle team of digital accelerators, did you see that? ( Don;t stop blogging here! Even if the posts are infrequent, they are always interesting and I love to stop by 🙂


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