The World has Changed, so Must Communication Style

One of my most favorite meetings is just around the corner – Experimental Biology. This annual event brings almost 14,000 researchers together from 5 societies – anatomy, biochemistry, nutrition, pathology, and pharmacology. I am a member of the American Society for Nutrition (ASN).

This year ASN will have two symposia on social media and changing communication styles.

The World has Changed and So Must Your Communication Style

(sponsored by the ASN Public Information Committee )

8:00-10:00, Monday, April 22, Room 151 A/B of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Chair: C Kapica and Co-Chair: J Gassaniga-Moloo


  • C Kapica, the Awegrin Institute: “The new world of nutrition science communications”
  • M McGuire, Washington State University: “Techniques for getting to the point in 3 minutes or less”
  • L Troy, University of Massachusetts: ‘Techniques for getting to the point in 3 minutes or less”

Social Media and Mobile Technology for Nutrition Education and Research

(sponsored by ASN Student Interest Group)

10:30-12:30, Tuesday, April 23, Room 151 of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Chair: SS Martinez


  • CJ Boushey, University of Hawaii Cancer Center: “Mobile technology for research”
  • L Wright, University of South Florida: “Online and mobile technologies for dietetics/nutrition care and practice”
  • D Silverman, Eastern Michigan University: “Social media, online learning and mobile technology for higher education”
  • I Smith, Porter-Novelli : “Using social media for dissemination of scientific information”
  • M McBurney, DSM Nutritional Products LLC: “Using social media in the food and supplement industry”

If you want to be ‘twitterpated’ about nutrition, follow #EB2013 and watch for tweets from David Despain (@daviddespain) who will be officially blogging for ASN and Julia Bird (@juliakbird), Michael McBurney (@MIMcBurney), and @DSMNutrition who will be blog for

Watch for tweets from Sarah Gold (@SpinnerSarah),  Rachele Pojednic (@strongprocess), and Allison Knott (@ChoiceHabitLife).

About Michael McBurney

Personal Blog | Nutrition scientist with broad interests, including social media and the impact of open access journals on science publishing | Self-employed freelancer
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