Thanksgiving Thoughts

Fall is a time for reflection and planning the future. Today, while reading TIME magazine, I was particularly impressed with the words of Charmaine Yoest, CEO of Americans United for Life and a co-author of Mother in the Middle. Copying from the Dec 9, 2013 issue, I share her words:

I’m thankful for the unplanned, the unexpected, the revelations that make up an authentic life.


A chance encounter with an old friend on the street led to a job I love. I cried from loneliness on the way home from the event where, unknowingly, I met my husband. Even in that brief moment of despair, my future was unfolding. Life is like that.


I could not even have envisioned the adventure of parenting five endlessly fascinating, and frustrating, children. They are, of course perfect, albeit messy. Five new narratives, each a cliff-hanger I would give a whole life to read.


I surely wouldn’t have chosen cancer for me or my husband. But through sickness and sorrow, I found healing, unknown friendship and love. 


Life is not perfect. But it is lovely. I do not have what I planned. But I have immeasurably more than I could have asked for or imagined. For that, I am thankful.


Such a succinct, wonderful message. Life is not perfect. Events bring changes often different than expected, immeasurably enriching our experiences.

I am thankful, especially for the people in my life. As the future unfolds, I hope to play my thankfulness forward.

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