Can Media Reports Change Consumer Behavior?

There have been instances when I have chastised journalistic coverage of scientific reports. For example today, I questioned the veracity of reporting by MacLean’s magazine in “The Easy-to-Swallow Story on Multivitamins“.

Previously, an editorial “Enough is Enough” raised my ire.

Today, there is evidence from Australia that media reports can jeopardize lives – possibly 2,900 potentially, avoidable fatalities, all because someone wanted to generate headlines on the 50% increased health risk seen with statins – changing risk of diabetes from 2 in 200 to 3 in 200.

What do you think can media reports change consumer behavior?

About Michael McBurney

Personal Blog | Nutrition scientist with broad interests, including social media and the impact of open access journals on science publishing | Self-employed freelancer
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