20 Things to Know When Starting PhD Studies

Working toward a PhD, or ready to reflect on your own experience? Then you should read these 20 recommendations by Lucy A Taylor.

Number 8 is always a challenge for me. The thought of writing a thesis, a book chapter, or a research paper is daunting. In fact, it leads to LOTS of procrastination. It is so much easier to start with a small component.

When writing a research paper, I always start with the methods, then compile my data into tables and figures. Now I have the narrative for the results section. Then I write my conclusions. Now out of the 100 plus ways I could begin the introduction, only one really leads through the rationale and to the conclusions.

With respect to book chapters, it helps me to create an outline. Then I can write it section by section. The struggle of sequencing the sections and linking them is always the most difficult for me.

Blogging I find easier because the format is shorter. I focus on ‘what’ I want to say, the ‘why’ am I writing this. Who do I hope will read it? Why? What are they hoping to learn.

Today, there isn’t much to learn from my blog. It was best said by Lucy Taylor.

About Michael McBurney

Personal Blog | Nutrition scientist with broad interests, including social media and the impact of open access journals on science publishing | Self-employed freelancer
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