About Michael McBurney

Welcome to my personal website! My primary interests are nutrition science and communications. As a PhD nutrition scientist, I have worked in academics (University of Alberta, Texas A&M University) , food (Kellogg’s) and ingredient (DSM Nutritional Products) industries.  I am currently an Adjunct Professor in the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. I am also open to new leadership and consulting opportunities. For more details, click here to see my LinkedIn profile. My personal twitter account is @mimcburney. My email account is McBurney23@gmail.com.

While working at DSM Nutritional Products, I started blogging and created http://TalkingNutrition.dsm.com, in 2010 which I managed it for the next 5 years, posting almost 1,000 blogs. I also launched @dsmnutrition on Twitter and www.facebook.com/TalkingNutritionDSM. These were my first foray into social media.

While there is growing interest in personalized health messages, I am convinced the development of new technologies to measure vitamin and mineral status will transform nutrition guidance. Just as new technologies can help us assess our heart rates, blood pressure, and sleep, minimally-invasive, portable, technologies to assess nutritional status (vitamins, iron, omega-3 fatty acids) will change our focus from a preoccupation with everything we put in our bodies and allow us to concentrate on obtaining (ingesting) the nutrients we need the most (are most limiting). These tools will help give individuals peace of mind and guide public investments in education more efficiently.


1 Response to About Michael McBurney

  1. Betsy Farr Hodge says:

    Hi Nike, This is your old office mate from Cornell. Just saying “Hi” Hope all is well with you. I am a livestock educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension in St. Lawrence County – very close to Canada. I also have 250 sheep. Hope all is well with you. I get back to COrnell for the sheep and goat symposium and for in-service – always go back and check out our old office.


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